What's about me

There isnt much to write about me and its not fair for me to write anything about me. So I let this page to be updated later as I discover more about me from others....
Feel free to drop me a note, I will add your notes to this page for sure.
First one came from Piyush Agarwal and says as below (he started telling lies too. may be learned from me )
"Raka!!!!!!!!.... This guy by all means is just plain fun. You stay with him for one hour and you’ll long for one hour more. His jokes, his wit, (and of course his wealth) is something I’ve never come across with anyone else.


Rakesh truly is a master in disguise. His set of talents is far beyond what you can see or imagine. A passionate photographer and an obsessive aquarist. He is quite cool, very friendly, always smiling, bit naughty, but very down to earth.


I’ve even heard someone saying- "you wanna learn practicality in life, learn it from Rakesh… you wanna learn maturity in life, learn it from Rakesh… you wanna learn problem solving, learn it from Rakesh..." That’s the impression this guy has got, and he truly deserves it.


Rakesh you are amazing. Hats off to u boss!!