Weird Thoughts

Starting from a traffic signal, almost every car gets into the road speed limit within sometime, what really puts some of them ahead is the initial acceleration, and this might give you a chance to cross the next signal before it turns red.. Same is the case with opportunities in life...if you approach with right attitude at the right time, you can get a chance to stay ahead and may be a chance to jump to next level, where as the one behind you might hit a delay.

Make ur dreams come true, if you can afford it .. never wait....

If someone tries to strike a converstaion with you, give a moment and listen. Every conversation has something to learn from; if not content wise, atleast the style or the way you are being persuaded to listen.


Living life is like driving on an expressway.. you can change lanes but you cant stop.
‎99% of interpersonal conflicts can be solved if you are willing to accept the other person as they are ..and the rest 1% will also be addressed if the other party thinks the same way.
Looking back at your past is like looking at your rearview mirror, If you stare for long, by the time you look again on the road in the front, you might have already lost your control..