Fish Keeping 

I love to breed tropical fishes since childhood.  I started off with guppies and mollies. I had a 4x4 size fish pond on my terrace with more than 25 variety of fishes. I have moved to keeping Koi, gold fish & chichlids these days in my aquariums and fish pond at home. Dont be surprised to see a pond in my HDB flat that too inside my office room :)


Portraits and Macros with my Canon, that's what occupies my time after fish keeping.



  • Richard Marx


This has become an interesting area as I get more and more into it. The bad part of this interest is that, I end up drinking more and more. Becoming a wineclub member became a reason to buy and try more.


  • Mobile phones - Especially Motorola products

 TV Channels & Shows 

  • Air crash investigation
  • Seconds before disaster
  • Crime Scene Investigation