What's up these days ..

Ishan Turns 5 

Ishan's 5th Birthday Video

Iha- the naughty..

Iha is just thinking which one should i catch this time :)

Created http://www.iharakesh.com

Blessed  with a baby girl today 22 Sept 2010


Flying helicopter with Ishu..





Team lunch @ Masala Art



Framed Asha's latest craft work



Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!


Finally the extra long weekend is here!!!!!


6 Sept  started with "Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)"

Started off this week with "Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)" on one of the applications.. good start:)

Struggle with Canon image names

My 2 canon cameras created images with same naming conventions and DSLR even crossed 10K pictures and restarted the numbering. I kept pushing all the pictures to my network hard disk without really noticing ther possibility of an overwrite. Luckily I caught hold of this before damage happened. spent whole sunday making strategies to sort out the pictures.

Ishu's Plane watching

Me and Ishu went out to a bridge near airport to watch planes closely. We setout ourselves in Ishu's favourite smiling bus 27:)
Got down at the stop opposite to Catering unit, where noone else got down, the all passengers and bus captain was wondering why this guy is getting down here , walked to the bridge and was lucky to see 5-6 planes crossing from terminal 2 to 3 including an A380. It was really huge.
Ishu was busy taking pictures of the plane while i took his pictures on my milestone. Asha's Panasonic F9 was written off already.

Stressful days 1-3 Sept 

Stressful days 01-03 Sept with separation go live activities.  Fortunately, everything went fine and released a day ahead:)
Looking forward to the weekend and the longer weekend next week :)

After 3 Years.. 

www.rakeshvenugopal.com was up since last 3 years or even more.
Some how I never bothered to update it . Now looks like its time to build it up..!!